Foursquare on iOS gets streamlined Explore section

Bing Maps revamped with ocean topography, updated satellite imagery

Cambridge boffins reveal prehistoric prawn monster

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HGST unites nanoimprints, self-assembling molecules to double hard drive space

One titsup server kills Brit-hosted Donhost websites for THREE DAYS

Google open sources very slow compression algorithm

Japanese boffins produce solar power paper

Telefonica shows off streaming 4K video on home fiber

Aptina and Sony cross-license their camera patents, Nikon smiles

Facebook buys bits of written-off MSFT adware

Surgeon Simulator 2013 passes through Steam's Greenlight program, shouldn't have passed med school (video)

Baidu offers English-speaking devs chance to crack China

Google signs Rightscale to resell Compute Engine

Sony's NEX-3N and A58 cameras make an in-person appearance, we go hands-on

Autodesk releases Socialcam 5.0 with HDR video, color correction

BigDog four-legged robot adds an arm, throws for the scouts (video)

VoxelFarm Engine pretties up cube-shaped terrain deforming

Evernote for iOS updated with new PDF viewer and Snippets for iPad

BioShock Infinite artist almost resigned over game’s depiction of religion

More Witcher 3 details emerge: over 100 hours of content, jumping, boats, and more

Solidoodle 3D printing stores set to bring 'upscale fashion shopping' to Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

iFixit releases tablet repairability list, puts Apple and Microsoft on the bottom

Big Blue touts superfast analogue-digital converter

CloudFlare's Railgun protocol gets buy-in from web giants

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The Daily Roundup for 02.28.2013

Spectra: Tape is dead? We installed 550PB of the stuff in 6 months

TuneIn launches TuneIn Live, hopes to encourage radio station discovery through custom UI

Crysis 3 gets unofficial OnTheFly utility – tweak graphics in-game with a single button press

Deadfall Adventures trailer