Eat your heart out: Chinese e-commerce firm delivers packages within hours

Samsung SM-C101 graces the FCC, could be Galaxy S 4 Zoom

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PC | GS News - Sony CEO says PS4 is for games

Google: 'We won't be approving any facial recognition Glassware at this time'

Windows Phone app for Modern UI updated to include document browsing and syncing

MechWarrior Tactics closed beta footage shows loadouts, gameplay

Elon Musk pledges transcontinental car juicers by end of year

TSA: Perv scanners now fully banished from US airports

Finally – mind-controlled limbs without brain surgery

LinkedIn adds two-factor authentication through SMS

Kinky? You're mentally healthier than 'vanilla' bonkers

The Daily Roundup for 05.31.2013

You Don't Know Jack coming to OUYA June 11th

Film crew plans dig to find lost burial ground of Atari's E.T.

Sacred islet Rockall defeats Brit adventurer

Groundbreaking Camino browser digs grave, jumps in

Engadget Podcast 346 - 05.31.13

Zoho announces Zoho Vault, provides a hub for businesses to manage passwords

DirecTV reportedly bidding $1 billion for Hulu

Rdio intros new social features and redesigned player

ASRock announces M8 compact gaming rig in collaboration with BMW

Editor's Letter: Windows 8 gets its start back

Shapeways intros squeezable Elasto Plastic 3D printing material for makers

AWS peers into soul of Load Balancers for DNS failover

Microsoft offers free keyboard covers for Surface RT

Motorola shows off tattoo and swallowable password hardware

Nick brings full episodes streaming to iPhone now, Xbox 360 next month

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Whoopi Goldberg Is Channel 6 Boss?

Twitter adds inline profile editing, drag-and-drop photo uploads

Hulu Plus update brings enhanced UI and controls to Roku, Smart TVs and Blu-ray players

Microsoft promo: buy a Surface RT, get a free keyboard cover

Weotta iOS local discovery app goes nationwide, Google Ventures approves

The Expendables 3: Milla Jovovich In Negotiations To Join

Clearwire shareholder meeting rescheduled after Dish improves its offer

A Bluetooth door lock that puts the kettle on? NOW we're in the future

Samsung's Galaxy S 4 mini stars in Three UK's new video

DARPA developing muscle-controlled prosthetic limbs that can feel (video)

Google gives vendors seven-day bug disclosure deadline

Samsung's 65- and 55-inch 4K TVs launch next month in Korea for less than $8,000

EA plans to scrap Online Pass from existing games, enable access without a code

Apple reveals bare bones iPod touch

IK Multimedia intros AmpliTube 3.0 with timeline editing, ships iRig HD

Online/Browser | Teslapunk - Teaser Trailer

PC | The Flock - Teaser Trailer

Android | The Inquisitor: The Plague - Gameplay Trailer

Android | World War Z - Gameplay Demo

EFF files objections to W3C over adding DRM to HTML5

Mt. Gox now requires verification for non-Bitcoin transactions

HTC drops 12-inch Windows RT tablet, sticks to a 7-incher

Roku takes $60 million in funding, wants to be the front end for your TV

The Daily Roundup for 05.30.2013

Heroku publishes API for its platform cloud

'Extremely sophisticated' Apple settles watery iDevice lawsuit

Mellanox forges fun-sized 40Gb/sec Ethernet switch

Razer Blade Pro and 14-inch models hands-on