Panasonic unveils 16MP Lumix GX7 Micro Four Thirds camera, 45mm f/1.2 Leica Nocticron lens

China releases Red Army's FPS trainer game

WSJ: Apple to use Samsung retina displays on next iPad mini

D-Link patches vid storage units

Chubby-chasing SEX TROLLS ran me offline, says fashion blogger

US and China make major bilateral anti-piracy bust

Imgur for iOS arrives with endless supply of distractions

Boffins use lasers to detect radio waves

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UK's O2 launches 4G service August 29th in London, Leeds and Bradford

USB accelerates to 10 Gbps

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Microsoft morphs HPC efforts into 'Big Compute'

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UPS to offer 3D printing service in select San Diego stores (video)

XCOM: Enemy Within pops up on Korean ratings board

Google Glassholes can't take long walks off short piers thanks to Merc app

Airports' passport controls SHUT DOWN by 'malware' - report

Pwnie Express' Pwn Plug R2 lets you hackproof networks over 4G

If you're getting spammed on iMessage, now you can spam Apple about it

Breaking bad: Oracle's Unbreakable Linux website breaks down

FAA approves first drones for commercial operations in US airspace

Amazon adds 5,000 warehouse workers in the US

Moto X set to rock nano-SIM, join exclusive club

So, who here LURVES Windows Phone? Put your hands up, Brits

May the fourths be with you: Muso John Williams returns to Star Wars

Google Catalogs for Android and iOS to be mothballed on August 15th

Ha ha, Osborne, these Gov 2.0 web wranglers have wiped out UK debt

Tool time: Implementing configuration management, properly

MacBook Air gets gaming credentials through home-built external GPU (video)

Nintendo reports quarterly revenue down, only 160,000 Wii U consoles sold

Marvell flaunts its Armada 1500-mini CPU powering Chromecast, lists codecs

Shift off, FreeView - you've got to be 4G to be in this band

Diablo cooks up DIMM yum NAND flash dumpling

NODE modular sensor gets color scanning capability

Phone to Chromecast app streams pics and video, but can't be released yet

Scalpers gouge China's fanbois for Genius Bar appointments

Beam me up? Not in the life of this universe

Pinterest upgrades iPhone app with animated pinning shortcuts

PaperDude VR resurrects Paperboy with Oculus Rift, Kinect, KickR and a bike

CommVault gives Simpana the share 'n' sync treatment

Federal appeals court rules search warrants not needed to seize cellphone records

TWC TV app hits Samsung TVs with VOD access, live TV coming soon

Panasonic claims world's first ReRAM-equipped product

NVIDIA Shield review

Xbox brings laughter to all ages with Comedy Central and Nickelodeon apps

OpenTable sees mobile payments on the horizon, first in San Francisco

LG G2 to include ringtones from the Vienna Boys' Choir... yes, really

Oz government denies Lenovo ban for top secret networks

Southern Cross completes cable upgrade to 100 Gbps

Isis announces national deployment coming later this year

Microsoft adds Visual-Studio-like text editor to SkyDrive

Google launches Views hub to showcase Photo Spheres and panoramas in Google Maps

Disney finds new way to give movies depth

Google tells some Glass Explorers to invite a friend