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PlayStation 4 and PS Vita bundle now available in the UK, but it's no bargain

Comet Ison may have survived its kiss with the sun

Spotify update lets iPad users browse curated playlists, follow their friends

Galaxy S Duos 2 all but official after being listed on Samsung India site

Unlocked Moto G now up for pre-order on Amazon, expected to ship December 4th

Sony suspends PlayStation promo code support following network trouble

Aussie boffins can detect orbiting SPACE JUNK using rock gods' radiation

Text message exploit can force your Nexus phone to reboot

Apple snubs discounts, Black Friday zombies get gift cards instead

FIFA rolls out iOS and Android apps ahead of 2014 World Cup Final Draw

HTC One developer and unlocked models start receiving Android 4.4 KitKat in the US

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Referee and two others charged in FA hacking probe's web filtering mission creep: Now it plans to block 'extremist' websites

Experimental 3D scanner creates clear images with almost no light

Dixons selling £68k gold, diamond, ruby and sapphire iPhone for Xmas

Last 7m non-digital Brits are OUT OF LUCK: I'm OFF, says Baroness Fox

Blighty's top moneymen: Hackers are SLURPING CASH direct from banks

Fancy knocking off early? Just run our fake computer crash 'virus', say admen

Robot sea turtle will map shipwrecks that humans can't reach (video)

Google faces Dutch cap: Netherlands says privacy changes BREAK data law

'Schrödinger's Comet' ISON LIVES (or DOESN'T) after Thanksgiving solar roast

Elon Musk scrubs lucrative Money Ring debut again on Thanksgiving

Apple gives Europeans Black Friday discounts, US settles for gift cards

'Neverquest' bank-robber 'ware throws the whole Trick Book at victims

US army bites the bullet in $50m software piracy pay-out

Microsoft wields turkey knife, slices Surface to $US199 for Black Friday

Chinese iPhone thief returns SIM, contact list to rightful owner

Boffins release 44-MEEELLION-star Hitch hikers Guide to the Galaxy

NBNCo leak: They would say that, wouldn't they?

Anglo-Australian cricket brawl spills over into coding clash

Gigaset gets into Android tablets with two models, including a Tegra 4 flagship

RIP Comet ISON: ???-2013. We hardly knew ye

Sceptic-bait E-Cat COLD FUSION generator goes on sale for $US1.5m

Report says Microsoft has divided CEO list into possibles and probables

PlayStation 4 in Australia and Europe won't get full PSN features at launch

Happy Thanksgiving, Apple. Now how about THREE more patent legal battles for dessert?

Symantec BACKS OUT of Backup

Gionee Elife E7 boasts most sensitive 16MP camera, 2.5GHz Snapdragon 800

Google decides Chromecast TV-stick apps are a whole NEW THING

Nokia's Lumia 2520 tablet exclusive to John Lewis in the UK from December 4th


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Assange flick The Fifth Estate branded 'WORST FILM OF THE YEAR'

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BT to broadcast and stream live NBA games in the UK

Microsoft Surface slabs borked by heat-induced DIM SCREEN OF DEATH

Getting to know the new Engadget

'Dammit, this BLACK HOLE just ISN'T BLACK at ALL', snarl boffins

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