Steam Family Sharing exits beta, lets your borrow all of your friends' games

How a Facebook post by mouthy daughter cost her parents $80,000

Yes: You CAN use your phone as a satnav while driving – appeals court

Apple is reportedly launching iOS in the Car next week with Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo

Secret Service probes possible data-leak hack attack at Sears – report

Google's 'show me the menu' search brings the most important restaurant info up first

Chicago man lobs class-action sueball at MtGox

Adobe backs ConnectED Initiative, sends free software to schools

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Get Quake III running on Raspberry Pi using Broadcom's open-source GPU drivers, earn $10K

Apple to maintain phone profit lead through years of 'enormous transition' – report

Samsung's Galaxy S5 is coming to Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile

Who earns '$7,000 a month' but can't legally drink? A tech intern!

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Mt. Gox exchange faces US lawsuit over Bitcoin losses

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Apple beats off troll in German patent fracas

FIFA 14 is now available for Windows Phone footie fans

Lenovo and Ashton Kutcher team up on special edition phones, due out this year

Nissan's camera-equipped rearview mirror provides a clear view in low light

Apple fanbois DENIED: Mac Pro deliveries stalled until April

Apple's new US promo gives Apple TV buyers free $25 iTunes gift cards

Anti Gmail data-mining lawsuit hits possible stumbling block

Ingram chief on $100m SLASH FEST: 'It doesn't take a genius' to see IT market's changing

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March Madness Live app dribbles its way to Windows Phone 8 this year

BT demands end to Ofcom wholesale broadband subsidies for BSkyB, TalkTalk

Hitachi Data Systems hands out P45s ... to EXECUTIVES

Microsoft dangles carrot at SMEs, eases Windows 8 Enterprise licensing

Sony to reportedly offload its old Tokyo HQ for some quick cash

PayPal row heats up as eBay chair calls Icahn claims 'false and misleading'

UK man Lauri Love accused of hacking US Federal Reserve

It's a BLOCKBUSTER: Minecraft heads to the silver screen

Two in five Brits cough up for CryptoLocker ransomware's demands

Insecure hipsters with BEARD ENVY spur facial hair transplant craze

Virgin Media pushes its fiber broadband top speed to 152Mbps

French silver foxes use Fujitsu's Grandroid mobes... to send each other selfies

Popular Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox files for bankruptcy protection

Frenchman eyes ocean domination with floating, mobile Bond villain lair

Software containers for BYOD/mobile device management: Big Tin Can

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger's DARKEST FEARS revealed

Steelie Neelie eats crow, welcomes mere €1bn Euro broadband fund

Xbox One update preview adds new audio, Kinect options and a fix for UK TV

Google sticks its servers behind genomics alliance

Booze and bacon sarnies: A recipe for immortality?

Facebook cans Windows and Firefox Messenger apps

Microsoft research chap co-develops cloud data scrambler

Report: Less than one percent of mobile gamers responsible for half of all in-app purchases

Fed chair casts doubt on Bitcoin regulation in the US

Google coughs up $6.8m for FREE BUSING for San Francisco youth

Google Barge bids farewell to San Francisco, to make Stockton its new California home

RSA rebel conference TrustyCon sells out despite 'dirty tricks'

Netflix engineers experiment with bump-based video sharing and sleep tracking

Passenger jet grounded by two-hour insect attack

Apple slams shut TEN code execution holes in QuickTime on Windows

Hulu sells its Japan operations to a local broadcaster, licenses brand name and tech

Pieces might be falling into place for a Minecraft movie from Warner Bros.

Facebook discontinuing its Messenger for Windows app on March 3rd

Fanbois face XP moment as Snow Leopard is LEFT TO DIE

Moov's fitness tracker works as a personal trainer to improve your workouts

Outsourcing giant Capita gets share boost from confident outlook

British spy agency reportedly collected millions of webcam images from Yahoo users

Pork time! £350m in Health Service mail-etcetera cloud deals up for grabs

Your smartphone's WiFi hotspot might double as a disaster rescue beacon

Tesla wants $1.6bn to help fund $5bn TOP SECRET Gigafactory

BBC head wants all iPlayer users to pony up the licence fee

Tough times in the server market, even though more iron moved in '13

Energy firms' security so POOR, insurers REFUSE to take their cash

Google adds the 'Polar Bear capital of the world' to Street View

Natural pine aerosols 'could prevent climate change really being a problem'

Blink once to turn right: Samsung asks software dev Teleca to talk Tizen

Xiaomi shipped over 15 million MI2 series phones, lowers MI2s to $210 in China

Young, fun and full of comely tech skills? Then BT needs you!

MtGox accepted new customers JUST DAYS before collapse

Mega-distie Ingram Micro cops to plans to axe jobs, padlock offices

YouTube to take down THAT anti-Muslim vid ... over COPYRIGHT issues

Google+ for Android learns even more photo editing tricks from Snapseed

NASA could have averted near DROWNING TERROR in SPACE

Lenovo banks on $1 BEELLION Moto turnaround in SIX quarters

Fujitsu says SAYONARA to smartphone chip JV

Japanese cable provider launches on-demand gaming service, will stream Sonic and PES titles

Official FACT: Gadgets are giving YOU a wrinkly 'Tech Neck'

Dell gambles solid server sales for NetSuite's riches

Steve Jobs statue: Ones and ohs and OH NOES – it's POINTING at us

Game makers can now start their own Steam sales, to your wallet's chagrin

Apple launch iSpy certification scheme for snooping devs

Your CIO is now a venture capitalist and you work at their startup

Oz feds kick the metadata retention can, again

UK unis, McAfee collude to beat collusion attacks

Apple explains how the iPhone's fingerprint sensor keeps your info secure

Github brews text editor for developers

Toshiba floats enterprise cloud storage-as-a-service

Samsung chairman wins £500m legal fight with brother

Nintendo Japan: Wii and DS internet multiplayer services will shut down, Video for 3DS too

Monsanto pushes Big Data-driven planting but farmers are skeptical

Google announces dev conferences for Project Ara modular phone kit

OpenID Foundation launches XML-free ID handler

US Senator lobbies feds to BAN BITCOIN

Honeywell's evohome puts a smart heating system in every room, is now available in the UK

Google wants its Project Ara modular smartphone to cost $50

50,000 women knocked up by big data, wearable tech, crowds and cloud

Daily Roundup: hands-on with a Galaxy S5 knock-off, dual-lens mobile imaging and more!

Volvo announces new 'human machine interface', looks a lot like a tablet (video)

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Cost-slashing Sony axes 1,000 workers and 20 stores in US

Endless Legend - The Vaulters trailer

Turnover at the top in Oz telco-land as Huawei, Optus, lose top brass

HP: We're so down wid da kidz! Look at... er, Smithers, what DO yoof look at these days?

WSJ: Four ways to distance the NSA from phone records that'll be considered by government

Mt.Gox boss vows to keep going despite $429 MILLION Bitcoin 'theft'

Zynga dodges IPO lawsuit thanks to lack of 'basic factual details'