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Windows Phone 8.1's new apps let you make reading lists and bite-sized movies

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Facebook will let you log in anonymously

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Motorola's first post-Google phone is coming on May 13th

6TB - big? Pah! Seagate plans to pull out 8TB and 10TB MONSTERS

eBay cops $3 BILLION tax bill after moving its profits back onshore

Google releasing standalone apps for editing word docs, spreadsheets and presentations

PARTY TIME! MIT slips $100 to each student ... in Bitcoin

Yahoo Screen gives you yet another way to watch comedy clips on Android

You can now stream WWE Network wrestling on your Xbox One

Nintendo bundling Wii U with two games and an extra controller for $330 on May 30th

Red Hat snaps a Ceph-ie: Upstart Inktank gobbled for $175m

Fusion-io takes DIMM view of flash card ... Diablo goes for broke

Graphene: miracle material and potentially potent pollutant

Did Google order staff to 'steal' web ad cash from publishers? Computer giant says: 'No.'

Hulu will bring free TV shows to your phone, and it's trying to reach your cable box

Lix reveals a portable, pro-grade 3D printing pen

Dreamworks CEO believes films will be ready to buy 3 weeks after hitting cinemas

NASA's Curiosity rover set to give Mars its THIRD HARD DRILLING

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Hackers set to release Bitcoin-laundering app 'Dark Wallet'

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Google no longer mining student Gmail accounts for targeted ads

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OK Virtual Instruments, you've made a thing. Must you fill our ears with PR gobbledegook?

FBI floats $5 MEELLION bounty for alleged Chinese WMD purveyor

GTA 5 will survive GameSpy's server shutdown, but Rockstar's older games aren't as lucky

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FCC Chairman Wheeler talks tough on defending net neutrality, broadband competition and paid peering deals

The White House explains why it keeps quiet on internet security flaws

FCC seeks $48K fine from mobile phone-jamming driver

Yahoo Mail for iOS overhaul simplifies correspondence, sprinkles in news

Mt. Gox settles class-action lawsuit by turning customer creditors into owners

Rdio is improving audio quality while keeping prices stationary

New Firefox version delivers Chrome-clone UI redesign to world+dog

Square introduces 'Pickup' for simple online purchases

Nod Labs forges one (Bluetooth) ring to rule them all

Office for iPad now lets you print documents

Amazon now has a dedicated wearables store

Target finally implements chip and PIN card protections

Hey, Samsung: Why so shy about your 960GB flash drive's endurance?

EU measures bar Motorola and Samsung from suing over standards-based patents

Spotify for Android welcomes a darker theme in latest redesign

Amazon discounts Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite e-readers by $20

Nokia, new CEO Rajeev Suri, and BEELLIONS of euros burning a hole in the bank

Towerfall, Ouya's most popular game, only sold 7,000 copies

Retro game-inspired short film Pixels to become Adam Sandler feature

Forget Comixology: get your inexpensive comics from the Humble Bundle folks

GULP. Veeam adds thousands of accounts. It must be eating SOMEONE'S lunch

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