VAIO launches its first laptops without Sony and they're very, very familiar

Emojli is a social network composed entirely of emoji

MIT and CERN's secure webmail plan stumped by PayPal freeze

Redmond reinstates infosec mailing list

Twitter's 'Buy Now' shopping button shows up in tweets

Cassini celebrates 10 years running rings around Saturn

Cambridge's tiny superconducting magnet breaks strength record

Engadget Daily: ditching social media, sharpshooting with HUD goggles and more!

Keep monopoly or make network expensive, NBN Co warns

Anti-snoop Android 'Blackphone' sees the light of day

Unmanned Mars One mission to blast off with experiments (and ads) in tow

China's world-beating Tianhe-2 super has brawn, not brains

Conformist Google: Android devices must LOOK, WORK ALIKE

SUPER EARTH possibly home to life FOUND in our 'solar backyard'

The Big Picture: Recovering NASA's flying saucer

Microsoft's anti-malware crusade knackers 'FOUR MILLION' No-IP users

Bitcoin was illegal in California? Whoops, governor fixes that 165-year-old money law

'Reading Rainbow' is the most popular Kickstarter to date

What's on your HDTV this week: World Cup, Drunk History, Under the Dome

Western Australia considers ban on R18+ games

Spying malware leaves countries' energy grids open to attack

Apple ships security fixes for iOS, OS X, Safari ... basically EVERYTHING

New South Wales' prime plod pushes data retention, again

Google's Street View Wi-Fi slurp nightmare: US Supremes snub appeal

'Community' revived for a sixth season on Yahoo Screen

​NASA's next satellite wants to know where all our carbon dioxide is going

Facebook Australia's 'small company' status makes it a small target

Windows 9 will morph to fit the device it's running on

Using Android 4.3? Don't let malware snatch your private login keys

Massachusetts Supreme Court says it can order you to decrypt your computer

Google's Quickoffice taken behind shed ... 'Oh, what's the gun for?'

Google Glass faces UK cinema ban: Heaven forbid someone film you weeping in a rom-con

Public restrooms reduce waits by learning from parking garages

T-Mobile brings the LG G3 to the US on July 16th for $599 up front

Here's what our readers are saying about the new HTC One

Lollapalooza gives attendees the option to leave their wallets at home

US book publishers now make more money from online sales than physical stores

Remaining Snowden docs will be released to avert 'unspecified US war' – ‪Cryptome‬

Garmin Forerunner 15 review: sports watch first, fitness tracker second

Samsung unveils a quartet of Android smartphones for the budget crowd

Alex Bouzari on his big data storage firm: First, we got rid of the VCs

How to Disappear (almost) Completely: a practical guide

QLogic exec chairman HK Desai dies aged 68

You WON'T spend as much on IT in 2014 as we thought - Gartner

iTunes U on iPad will let teachers create courses and take your questions

Google sentences its OTHER 'network thingy' Orkut to DEATH

LG's 77-inch curved OLED 4K TV is every bit as expensive as it sounds

Google kills Orkut to focus on YouTube, Blogger and Google+

And now for someone completely brilliant: Stephen Hawking to join Monty Python on stage

Therapists are turning to the web to help revolutionize mental health treatments

Namibian householders leap on chairs, flee from MINIATURE ELEPHANT MENACE

UK cinemas to ban Google Glass over piracy fears

Fear not, posh tech tarts! Selfridges' Apple concession still open despite selloff

IBM promises mainframes on tap as SoftLayer lands on London

Watch a sniper nail his target from 500 yards without even 'looking' at it

Hey, Marissa Mayer: Flexi working time is now LAW in UK. Yahoo!

Facebook: We 'carefully considered' .... before letting shrinks MESS WITH YOUR MINDS

Record-breaking magnet crams three tons of force into the size of a golf ball

Application delivery controllers tighten the security perimeter

Distributed Linux OS wizards CoreOS release first commercial product

Rockall pod-dweller braces for stormy weather

Aereo presses pause on 'tiny antenna' TV-streaming service

Privacy-focused Blackphone starts shipping for $630

London teen charged over Spamhaus mega-DDoS attacks

HP in 'serious' settlement talks over Autonomy legal bust-up

Cloudera, MapR, IBM, and Intel bet on Spark as the new heart of Hadoop

A piece about a smart pelvic floor exerciser, written by someone totally out of their depth

BT at last coughs to 'major outage' after broadband went titsup across UK on Sat

Amazon Fire: Who needs a WAREHOUSE when you have a global ADS PLATFORM?

LA school officials shift scheme from free iPads to laptops and hybrids

Ericsson resurrects not-spot swatter

Saddle up for the Tour de Firmware

Google drops Quickoffice now that its own apps can handle your work

Dropbox used as command and control for Taiwan time bomb

Panasonic's seven-inch Windows slab has tough exterior, confused mind

True fact: Your CAT wees for as long as you do

VMware's desktop push heads for casualty ward, in a good way

Engadget Japan's #egfes: drone races, robots, dry ice and a Dyson fan

Zero-proof crypto scheme can divine truths from nothing

ENISA, Europol, strike info-sharing deal

NSW government agencies bend over and take it from telcos

Google Voice plans to make transcriptions better with your help

How would you change Sony's Xperia ZL?

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 world conquest plan: folders!

Web collab outfit Assemblage becomes Cisco's latest appendage

Microsoft hints that Windows Phone will soon let you put apps in folders

Google chair Eric Schmidt reportedly visits Cuba

Microsoft to shutter security email feed on July 1

Qld Health payroll worker charged over fake overtime claims

Foxconn CEO: 'suicides weren't our fault'

Facebook explains why it briefly toyed with users' emotions

NASA'S Martian flying saucer splashes down successfully

Facebook let shrinks MESS WITH YOUR HEAD, sans permission

Giving Samsung tablets another chance with the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

Weekends with Engadget: Google I/O 2014, Aereo loses and more!

California makes it legal to pay with Bitcoin and other virtual currencies

The ACLU and the NSA's ex-director will debate spying on June 30th

Google will have sole control over the interfaces of Android Auto, Wear and TV

Gadget Rewind 2007: Flip Video Ultra

Inhabitat's Week in Green: Terrapin Camper, glow-in-the-dark roads and the world's fastest bike

Future cars may give themselves dimples to reduce drag


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