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TalkTalk admits attackers stole customers' personal details

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Churchill's blood valued at £560,000. Take that Stalin!

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Australia to get spooks charter at cost of at least AU$188m

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To beat Oracle, find jurors who care about Leisure Suit Larry not Larry Ellison

Iran hacks America where it hurts: Las Vegas casinos

Harrison Ford will return in 'Blade Runner' sequel

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Visa: One million bonks a month for Europeans... from next year

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Small cells are like DRUNKS. They don't use lamp posts for light, they use 'em for support

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Police kill money-stealing botnet that infected millions of PCs

BOFH in mugnificent return to Cash'n'Carrion

Barclays punts instant Twitter mobile payments app – best avoid while drunk

Bank of England could mint own brand of Bitcoin

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WhatsApp makes web client compatible with Firefox and Opera

And the buggiest OS provider award goes to ... APPLE?

P0wned plugin puts a million Word Press sites at risk of attack

The Secret Service will start testing drones near the White House