Accidental Love

Always Woodstock

Appropriate Behavior

Boy Meets Girl

The Wedding Ringer

50 to 1


The Devil's Violinist

The Gambler


The Barber

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar

Last Days in Vietnam

Hear that sound? It's tech vendors clawing back lost dollars

Elon Musk nearly sold Tesla to Google in 2013

EE's free portable chargers prove so popular there aren't any left

Your Android Wear devices will work even when your phone's at home

Raytheon borgs Websense to create cybersecurity behemoth

Seagate's third quarter results looking lacklustre as profits tumble

It took two days before someone built their own BB-8 ball droid

Azure Fabric Service is Microsoft's answer to 'microservices' app dev

OnePlus finally drops invites, but only until its next flagship launches

Coms: Yes, we DID appoint advisors to flog off our voice biz

Apple will cut down 36,000 acres of forest in 'conservation scheme'

Google's 'mobilegeddon' search rankings threat isn't quite what it seems. Here's why

Want to give your data centre a makeover? Spend half a day learning how

Recode: Nokia's planning a return to phones next year

Kremlin hackers exploited TWO 0-day Flash, Windows vulns

HP's $3 BEELLLION Aruba buy ‘significantly undervalues’ wireless operator

The data centre design that lets you cool down – and save electrons

Anonymous unleashes online petition against US info-sharing bills

What keeps CIOs awake? Leaky data centres - or leaky C-suites?

Microsoft's Cortana comes to Android through a hack

NatWest and RBS' mobile banking apps go TITSUP

Green your data centre – without ending up in the Job Centre

Met Police puts iPads, Windows and Android mobes on trial

Chinese 'Superphone' manufacturer declares war on Apple

Qumulo gets fat appliance alongside skinny fast one

iPhone vs. Galaxy fight hospitalises two after beer bottle stabbing

Microsoft absorbs open-source internal startup MS Open Technology

BMW's 7 Series lets you park by remote control

Dark matter is (probably) more complex than you think

30 per cent of servers, storage and switches now sell to clouds

High on bath salts, alleged Norse god attempts tree love

Here's the next rocket that will carry US satellites into space

Chrome 42 breaks vSphere web client thanks to ye olde NPAPI

Sony's new flagship smartphone has an image-stabilizing selfie camera

Microsoft proves Pinocchio's a real boy with proofs tool

NTT adds two bit barns to gathering global cloud

Your city's not smart if it's vulnerable says hacker

Messenger spacecraft to crash into Mercury after studying it for years

Digital killed the radio star: Norway names FM switchoff date

Optus fires up Azure clone for Australia

NBN Co to trial faster fixed wireless services

How would you change Sony's PlayStation Vita TV?

Google makes life easier for mixed-content sysadmins

Nasty JPG pops corporate locks

Norway will lead the effort to switch off FM radio

Google broke own security with April fool gag

Raytheon suspected of readying for Websense slurp

The law that predicts computing power turns 50

Drones to bring DEBT FROM ABOVE in Switzerland

Wink has a fix ready for its busted smart home hubs

Comcast and TWC will negotiate with officials to save their merger

BLAM! Valve slams brakes on Steam flimflam with $5 spam scram plan

Sony's super-thin 4K TV arrives this summer

Your Google Wallet funds are now insured

What's 'appening with WhatsApp? '800 MEELLION LOSERS* actively use us', says boss

Inhabitat's Week in Green: cheaper EVs, synthetic leaves and clay-pot speakers

Elon Musk blames SpaceX rocket landing FAIL on sluggish 'throttle valve response'

Bad software update kills many Wink smart home hubs


Hit by Lightning

Into the Woods

Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed

The Walking Deceased

Life Inside Out

Like Sunday, Like Rain

Little Accidents



A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies


Hitchbot's poetry-writing sibling will also make its way across Canada